Engine Flat Sheet Lifting Attachment

 Standard manufacturing of 0-10 tons
 Standard 4 meters carrying
 Can be extended to 6 meters additionally (optional)
 Electric engine propulsion width adjustment
 360 degrees rotating device (optional)
 Can be used for lifting stocked flat products
 Low dead field
 Easy to use
 Option to use width adjustment with or without engine
 Remote control system (optional)
 Light and sound warning indicator system
 Leg pads for harmless lifting
 Stocking platform
 Power receiving mechanism

This attachment lifts various sizes of steel plates safely mechanically or electrically. With our efficient products you can move your products safely and quickly.

Since businesses use cloth or steel strap to lift their products from the production line, they damage the edges of their products because they can’t adjust the angles. Lifting with wide angles to avoid damage to product while lifting it needs big area to operate hence it creates a big dead field and decreases efficiency.

Business that need their flat sheets loaded to carrier hastily and safely led us to develop this product further. This product is completely designed by our company and has the utility model registration. We believe that this product will benefit Turkish economy greatly.

Flat sheet lifting attachment’s width adjustments are made with electrical engine. In case of larger sheets, it has feature that can be extended with arms or electrically.

This product has the ability to rotate around its own axis 359 degrees. Since euro pallets have different measurements, moving nails that under the flat sheets move.

Tightening detection: It has got moving switches on top of the attachment that prevents damage to sheets which can be caused by compressing more than normal.

Alignment detection: This product also has electronic switches that have torque detection feature which stops the movement of the attachment in case of arms not going through under the sheets and compresses the product. durdurucu tork algılama yeteneğine sahip elektronik anahtar bulunmaktadır.

Weight detection: Torque detection system which is in the engine prevents arms to accidentally open while carrying the load.


 Fast loading
 Increases work efficiency
 No need for additional manpower
 Able to stock products over and over
 Appropriate for work safety
 This product is very suitable for businesses that run their business under European Union work safety regulations. Our products are fully domestic and very economical. Because of that it makes any business to have our products very easily. We are the only business that creates these kinds of attachments in Turkey and we guarantee provide any technical and educational support at any time. Our goal is to provide ideal attachments at affordable prices to businesses.