Electric Coil Tong

 Standard capacity of 10 - 32 tons
 800-2000 mm operating range
 Prevents tightening
 Balanced and safe lifting
 Motorized 359 degrees rotating system (Rotating period 2d/d)
 Electric handle with open/close feature
 Hook connecting pin stabilization attachment
 Light and sound warning indicator
 Remote control
 Spiral cable or cable reel option
 Load protection pads
 Stocking platform
 CE Certificate

Coil lifting and carrying is the hardest thing for the businesses that make plate sheet business, coil cutting and manufacture plate sheets. Lots of businesses do these kinds of lifting and carrying operations with C hook which creates problems such as unbalanced lifting, load dropping risk, large stocking area, work safety problems and inefficiency. Our company which is expert about hook attachments saw these problems in the businesses and we developed quality and economical attachment solutions for the businesses.

Electric coil tong attachment makes businesses run more efficiently and lucrative with enabling more stocking in the narrow areas. Since It needs a little more than arm length(450mm) to operate, it is able to stock products very closely to each other. Thanks to its low height it can be used easily in businesses that have low roof height.

Efficient operating: Only one person needed to operate this attachment. It helps to save time and reduce extra workforce.
Balanced lifting: It catches coils from the center to carry the load balanced.


 Compression prevention system that prevents damage to the product
 Hole detection system that prevents arms to be close and prevents damage to the product
 Weight detection system that prevents load to drop
 Damage preventing pad system

This product is very suitable for businesses that run their business under European Union work safety regulations. Our products are fully domestic and very economical. Because of that it makes any business to have our products very easily. We are the only business that creates these kinds of attachments in Turkey and we guarantee provide any technical and educational support at any time. Our goal is to provide ideal attachments at affordable prices to businesses.