Bobbin Lifting and Rotating Device

 Standard capacity between 50-1000 kgs
 Changeable coil diameter
 Balanced and secure lifting
 Works with battery
 Electrical propulsion moving system
 Battery charger device included
 Hydraulic lifting and rotating
 Motorized 360 degrees rotating system
 Electrical handle opening/closing
 Hydraulic system
 Electrical control system
 Weight protecting pads
 CE Certificated
 It lifts and carries bobbins or coils with various materials with ease. Thanks to 360 degrees rotating feature it is able attach coils and bobbins to machines safely.
 Businesses can be more profitable with this attachment
 Our attachments are fully domestic products and comes with very affordable prices. Because of that it makes any business to have our products very easily. We are the only business that creates these kinds of attachments in Turkey and we guarantee provide any technical and educational support at any time. Our goal is to provide ideal coil lifting attachments at affordable prices to businesses.
 Possible to manufacture customized orders of our customers