Roll Lifting and Rotating Devices

 Handle grips for easy usage
 Mechanical design that doesn’t require any power
 Easy to rotate vertical to horizontal, horizontal to vertical
 Manufacturing of 0,5-3 tons
 Maximum 300mm width
 Rotating and lifting without damaging the load
 CE Certificated, fully domestic product.

Sliced roll sheets can be carried with C hook and can be connected easily. However, because of the lifting difficulties sheets are stocked vertically and dispatched. Since it is not possible to stock horizontally, rolls line up side by side vertically and to lift the rolls there should be space between them. Businesses that use cloth and steel straps have problems with work safety and quality.

With our newly developed products it is possible to stock rolls vertically or horizontally. While rotating the rolls there is no damage to the product. Because of that our attachment increases production speed in the businesses.