Inside Coil Tong (3 Legs)

 Able to lift between 0-5 tons
 Can work without human hands
 Wide setup mechanism
 Safe and fast usage with the automatic locking mechanism
 Doesn’t need power
 CE Certificate

Lifting method is holding the coil from the inside and inserting attachment inside of the horizontally stocked coils and compressing from inside while holding the bottom. While lifting, attachment uses automatic locking mechanism and there is no need for outside intervention. This makes usage fast. Thanks to the height adjustment mechanism, this product can also be used for lifting the bobbins in high places. This product can be used for stocking and carrying roll shaped products such as paper, steel, sheet and various of materials that is parallel to the surface and has circle shape.

In the sheet metal slitting businesses it has always been a problem to stock and load the products. With the help of the turnover attachment for sliced roll materials it makes roll horizontal and puts over the pallets. Palleted horizontal rolls become ready for the dispatch. Steel straps can damage the load while loading and it makes edges to be damaged which can lead to customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, it can lead to work accidents.

Our company listened the requests of the customers and we developed solutions and attachments for their problems. This product’s patent is fully ours and thanks to our newly developed inside coil tong, we started to solve their problems.

 Makes loading and unloading faster
 Prevents load to be damaged
 Increases work safety
 Gives customer satisfaction
 Pays its cost with its efficiency in a short time
 Order can be customized depends on the diameter and weight.