Basket Lifting Attachment

 Automatic lock mechanism
 90 degrees moving carrying legs
 No energy consumption
 Basket width adjustment mechanism
 Basket height adjustment
 Carrying capacity of 1-3 tons
 Protective pads

This attachment is recommended to businesses that need to lift long materials. We will continue to develop attachments for the businesses which cares about work safety and customer friendly according to their demands.

Usually lifting and stocking light and long products is a very big problem for the businesses. Lifting and stocking happen with straps, chains and traverses which attaches to the basket. These lifting attachments attach to basket with workers. There is no risk in the first line of the stocking for businesses. However, on the upper lines of the stocking process there are risk of work accident, wasting time and difficulties of lifting and stocking. Moreover, it hurts efficiency greatly.

Our company paid attention to these problems and developed this product. This product can help for lifting safely and stocking over and over without human hands.


 Low dead field
 Overhead lifting mechanism to stack baskets over and over
 Easy to lift and drop stocked baskets
 Compatible with work safety standards

When attachment legs put down to basket parallelly it makes locking mechanism activated with the contact with the basket and it rotates legs 90 degrees and goes under the basket. And then basket will ready to operate. It will bring the load to stock field and when repeating this process lock closes and attachment drops the basket.

This product will be essential to the businesses that is under European Union work safety regulations.